Can't find window/preferences/extentions tab? SketchUp Make 2017

Trying to install dxf importer extension and when I go window - preferences the popup does not have extensions choice

Try Window>Extension Warehouse and Window>Extension Manager.

I have…sort of Dave. I found the dxf importer download I was needing and downloaded the .rbz but can’t seem to find a way to make it active, Am I missing a step?

Yes. Open Extension Manager, then Install Extension. Browse to the rbz file, then click/OK and follow prompts.

Ahh… More useful information comes through.

Go to Window>Extension Manager. Look at the bottom of the manager screen to find Install Extension…

Thank you gentlemen, with your prompting I believe I have the rbz installed. Now on to trying it out, so many things to learn, not enough beer in the fridge. Or maybe that’s the problem…beer and SU don’t mix. Thanks again.

Sounds like you’ve never been to architecture school…

Good luck.

Sometimes beer and SketchUp mix quite well.


Well I have it installed, and it did import my dxf drawing but it comes over to SU as an incomplete drawing>segments missing. I think I read somewhere this may happen. Anyone seen/tried this before? How many beer do you need to drink before you get your architectural degree, cause I think I may be able to challenge it.

I don’t know how many beers for a degree. Maybe you should keep track. Could make a good study.

I haven’t used a third party DXF installer so I can’t say but there are some unsupported CAD entities that SketchUp won’t display. Maybe the missing bits are on that list.

The list of elements that are and are not supported in the official SketchUp dwg importer is here:

Some things have no equivalent in SketchUp, and elements that rely on CAD extensions in general can not be imported. It is likely that any third-party importer will encounter similar fundamental limitations.

Thanks for that. I knew I had seen mention of “the list”. The download did satisfy my requirements though, and fortunately it was a fairly small drawing to begin with, and the missing segments were easily repaired. Thanks again to all that helped here.

Drinking my way to a degree!

It depends on how many you buy for the tutors/mentors, not your personal consumption…


Trying to keep track of the beers and questions…

Missing edges in your DXF import can result from importing using a too small import unit. I don’t know how the plugin you use handles that, but if the import results in edges shorter than about 1 mm, they might not form.


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