Trimble Scan Explorer plugin

I would like to exchange information with the use of TRIMBLE SCAN EXPLORER , the plugin of REALWORKS which allows the user to make SKETCHUP 3d models from point-clouds . If you master SKETCHUP well this plugin allows you to modelize everything even non-flat surfaces…The only drawbacks are:

  • it works with SKU 2017 and 2018 only
  • it requires “gridded” or “structured” e57 files (see explanation on the internet). AUTODESK RECAP PRO allows you to export such files
    Sometimes I do not understand why I have problems “indexing” or “converting” e57 files although I am using the right type of files. I do not know if it is an hardware of a software problem…I would like to exchange about that…
    With the growing use of 3d scanner in the hand of architects (because of much cheaper price…) this plugin should be more popular…