Point Cloud Help .rwp conversion?


I have been using Sketchup Studio for some time now, but am exploring Undet to try to improve our workflow. I have a few existing point clouds in .rwp format that I would like to work with but can not open with Undet. I tried downloading Trimble Realworks to see if I could export to a different format, but there is no free trial, and I do not have a Realworks license. I also have used CloudCompare but it does not recognize .rwp either.

Does anyone know how I can convert these files? I only need to convert 1 or 2 files if that makes a difference. Thank you!

Convert to what file extension?

Have you tried Scan Essentials?

The supported point cloud file types are: RWP…

You must have had the original scans (e57,ply).
Those get transformed to a rwp project with scanessentials.

Sorry for those partial replies - not sure what happened there. I am using Scan Essentials, but would like to try out Undet to be able to extract a ground plane, and I do not have access to the original e57 files (the .rwp files were provided by a 3rd party).