Turn off Validation / Auto Repair in 2021

I am missing the settings dialog for turning the auto check / repair function off in 2021. Has that been moved to some other place / menu? Need to stop the disintegration of my complex models before cleaning up at the very end when the construction is finished…

Fixing files is automatic with SketchUp 2021, it cannot be turned off. You can still get a summary of what was fixed.

This is a nightmare… meaning i will have to switch back to 2020 since u am working with very complex shapes and geometries, shallow intersections on the edge of sketchups resolution… but thanks for letting me know!

But maybe an update could again include the functionality for the non critical aspects of it, with a warning of some kind for compatibility? It is really chewing up geometries…

My colleagues are interested to see any file where the automatic validation causes a problem.

If you turned on the notification, you will see when something was fixed, hopefully notice that it gave you a problem, and then you can Undo. Could you make a test file, and if you see your model be messed up by the validation, send a copy of the currently saved file, and some instructions so that we can repeat the steps that led to something needing to be fixed?

Sure, I’ll prepare some files and screenshots for you to see what happens tomorrow. Thank you for picking this one up!

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