File corruption on Autofix file : Sketchup

Just had a rather worrying corruption of my working SketchUp file occur suddenly when SU decided to check my file validity… the result was a huge amount of my building disappeared and components that were of correct dimensions suddenly got the aspect ratio’s distorted…

The validity check showed a huge list of errors on execution… but of course being automatic there seems no option to intervene or review the list before it executes…

happy tp supply the before and after files to the team if needed for analysis


You can turn of the autofix.

ohhh… is that a new setting 2021 version here

It’s there in 2021

Yep just noticed it … thx… Maybe when it was introduced it was not optional… anyway… I was surprised by the severity of the corrupted file, never had that before… and I am pretty careful about keeping files simple …luckily I had autosave on 10 minutes

Yes, that does sound nasty.

Interestingly I just did a manual validity check on the “before” file and it showed no problems…

Is some extension doing something it shouldn’t? Disk OK? This sounds like something that the reason for needs to be found out.

Disks Ok, … I was not doing anything demanding when the validity check started… and as the earlier file manual checked ok and little work occurred in the period to the autocheck… thats why I was surprised…
Sketchup team are welcome to both the before and after files…

Re extensions… only installed two extensions recently … Curic’s Align… and an old “Export to JPG” rb file that I installed a few days ago … neither in use in today…

My biggest concern is the auto validity check corrupted the file but told me everything was fixed… the error was bleedingly obvious … but it is concerning if the corruption might have been more subtle!

Are validity check fix lists logged anywhere?

Looking at Disk activity around the validity check time is scary… a hell of a lot goes on in the background :slight_smile: … cannot see any obvious log file write

Cannot see anything in EVENT Viewer