Can you turn off validity check?

Can you turn off the validity check function?
Every time autosave or when I save, parts of my model disappears. In the undo menu, it says Undo Validity check. So I can undo it and get my model back, but when I save it again it all disappears.

I have a bunch of small tiny geometry in my model, which I suspect is the culprit. However, for this model, it is not worth tracking down what is causing the error.
I just want to turn off the function so I can move on.
Is this possible?

In 2021.1

Screenshot - 6_11_2021 , 11_41_25 AM

I’m running 2021 and that is not what my General Tab looks like.

Yeah. You still need to update to 2021.1.

Thanks Dave!!
Adobe has spoiled me with their Auto updates for minor stuff, hopefully someday Sketchup with implement a similar thing.

I don’t know. I kind of like the system now. It should prompt you that there’s an update when you start up and you can choose when to install it so you can delay it if needed. You can use the Check for Update thing in the Help menu, too. At least you should be sorted out now.

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