Turn off updates to sketchup make 2016


Is there a method to turn off the update notification to Sketchup Make 2016? - every startup it wants to update to 2017.

Note, I tried to install Sketchup Make 2017 but it requires Open GL v3 but my Dell Laptop e6410 with an Intel HD Graphics card will not update, I did download the Dell.cab files (E6410-win7-A11-D2H6P) but apparently already have the latest driver installed… I downloaded the Dell & Intel Utilities but both stated that I was at the latest - I tried to manually install a later version of the Intel driver but that crashed windows and other driver (WinVista7_64_41324) just failed to run at setup.


There is an option under the settings to turn off. Look under System Preferences > General > Software Updates. If you turn it off, it won’t check for updates and therefore an update notification won’t come up.