Keeping Make 2017 not Switch to Free

I have Make 2017 on a Windows PC (1 TB SSD Memory) and want to keep it and work with it on my computer for woodworking. When I try to open Make it not brings up a popup to do a trial of Free with an eye toward pro (which I don’t want). I don’t have WIFI in my shop when I would build woodworking models. I need to keep make. Is there any work around to the popup that anyone knows of. I would really appreciate your advice on this matter. Thanks, Patrick

As a non-paying user, I don’t think you can turn that off. It seems like a small inconvenience.

It is a large inconvenience if I can’t use Make’s Platform based program on my computer, and Sketchup Free as I understand it is completely web-based and I don’t have WIFI in the shop. Thanks for the imput but I still need a work around.

It’s not preventing you from using SketchUp 2017 Make, though. Just click on Start using SketchUp at the bottom of the welcome screen. No big deal.

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Hey Patrick,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve heard from a several people who don’t have Internet connectivity in the place where they use SketchUp. We’re investigating ways to make this happen in SketchUp for Web (for free).

Sorry, but you can’t turn off that pop-up in SketchUp Make. It used to be a place where we promoted new capabilities, and offered promotions to people using SketchUp for free.


still is, by the looks of it…

commonly referred to as a ‘nag’ screen…


Yes, but a free nag screen!


Thank you for your honest input. It is appreciated. Patrick

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