Turn off the coordinates displayed in the measurement box

Learning to use Sketchup for Web. In the “measurement box” coordinates are displayed with the measurements. As a new learner this is confusing to me, I would prefer to see just the measurements. How do I turn-off the coordinate display?

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Which tool are you using when you see the coordinates? I only see them when I use the Tape Measure tool and hover over a point on the model. Once I click and start to drag, the coordinates go away. The Tape Measure tool is designed to give you different information depending on what you are hovering on in the model.

I don’t know of any tool that shows coordinates in the measurement box. Tape Measure can show it in the tooltip though.

Perhaps you are confusing the displayed size of something such as a rectangle with the coordinates of where it is located?

The coordinates will be displayed if you hover over an endpoint or a midpoint.


The coordinates and measurement appear as soon as I click “select start point” to draw a line and when I use the rectangle tool. When I click “ESC” to stop the drawing the measurement box goes blank. When I use the Select tool and click on an object, line or rectangle, the measurements do not display in the “measurement box” nor in the “model.”

This is not what I see in the “SketchUp Essentials” video with Justin ???

I do appreciate your help getting me started.

Are you familiar with https://www.udemy.com/course/sketchup-for-woodworkers/Their course is $13, it is worth a try.

For now all I want to do is draw a tool cabinet for a bench grinder and belt sander, I sharpen knives and tools; and a cabinet to hold small parts boxes.

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Downloaded SU 2017 and watched SU Essentials for Woodworkers. Now I am starting to connect the dots. Same Justin, with similar information but with a different slant.

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I don’t see coordinates with the drawing tools. When I start to move the cursor after clicking with the Line tool, I see the length of the edge I’ve drawn. Of course I can let go of the mouse and type the desired length to make it precise. With the Rectangle tool I see the length and width of the rectangle I’ve dragged out and can enter the desired dimensions if i want precise ones.

They aren’t supposed to show in the Measurements box when you select an edge with the Select tool.

If you select an edge, its length should show in Entity Info as below.

If you select multiple edges, the total length will be displayed in Entity Info.

I’m sure Justin is using a desktop version of SketchUp but the Measurements box works basically the same way as does Entity Info.

I am familiar with it. Having taught Sketchup primarily to woodworkers for about 15 years, I probably wouldn’t spend the $13 myself.

Those should be good projects for getting to grips with SketchUp.

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