Turbo Boost and CPU frequency

Hello. I heard that SketchUp uses one processor core, when choosing it is important not for the number, but for the frequency. There is a processor with a frequency of 2.5 GHz, but with Turbo Boost technology, the frequency increases to 4.4. GHz. Does anyone use this to work in sketchup? Can it be used? All specifications:
Ci5-12400F 4.4Ghz/16GB/SSD512/ARC A380 6GB

Turbo-boost is automatic without action by the app. But it is used only for short bursts because it causes the CPU to heat up. So you are better off looking for a faster base clock speed that the computer is designed to handle continuously.

OK. I understood you. Thank you

That i5 is OK for what it costs. It actually out performs my current i7-8700 in my work PC. As you can see the i5 has a lower base clock speed and yet out performs mine in single threaded operations, which is what SU uses. See below…

Currently I am getting consistent 33+ FPS in the SU Benchmark test.

What I am interested in it that Intel Arc video card. I’ve yet to see any comparison test with them in aby CAD/3D applications.