Sketchup CPU clock speed - noticeable speed difference between 2,6 Ghz versus 3 Ghz?

I want to buy a Windows Laptop to be able to run Sketchup with Enscape. Choice for a laptop, because I am frequently using Sketchup in ‘Live modeling’ sessions at the clients venue. My research showed me, laptops around 2 kg, 15 inch I only get Intel processors with max clock speed of 2,6 Ghz. I found some Intel CPU’s with +3 Ghz only in 17 inch, 4kg ish laptops, what is quite bulky to carry around. I learned, that clock speed is the most important variable for Sketchup and a fast workflow. Question: Is there a noticeable increased workflow speed difference between with a 3 Ghz CPU and a 2,6 Ghz CPU? (Further planned Specs: GPU Nvidia RTX 2070, VRAM 8 G, 32 GB, 1T SSD

Obviously there is a difference, but those two would be rather close.

However, your rendering app will also benefit from the greater speed.

AND never match a good GPU (like you’re listing) to a weak CPU, the CPU will become the bottleneck.

You may find the 15" a tad too small and a strain on the eyes, but that a totally personal experience. The smaller form factor machine will also struggle more keeping everything cool and quiet.


Unless they are the same generation of the same architecture, mere clock speed isn’t the whole story. Consult on of the websites that benchmarks CPUs and compare single-core performance to be more certain.

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Thank both of your for the fast reaction! Is ‘single core performance’ the so called 'Turbo boost ’ clock speed? I found contradictive blogs on the net. One says, a good turbo boost is important, the other says, base clock speed is important (as Turbo boost only peaks a short time). I am know checking the base clock speed of CPU’s. If turbo boost clock speed is the more important variable, either 15 inch, 17 inch CPU’s are all around 4-5 Ghz.

Thanks Julian, very good point! Will take this into account

To answer this depends on your use case, programs and workflow.

Personally, I prefer a high base clock speed (which would run across all cores and all apps would benefit from) over the boost (which typically only boosts a single core, but there are exceptions).

Turbo boost is like a sprinter. The CPU can only do it for a short period before it starts to heat up and has to be slowed again until it cools off. I don’t think it is especially important to SketchUp because the only time you will notice slowdown is when the CPU and/or GPU is heavily loaded, and that usually lasts longer than turbo boost will.

So essentially, I need to look for a high base clockspeed. And also your comment about the form factor of a 15 inch is a good point, with eventually cooling and noise issues…

I found this laptop Alienware Area-51m with i9-9900K (base clock speed 3,6) and RTX 2080…17 inch and nearly 4 kg! Maybe better not to compromise on the clock speed and carry this monster in a trolly- hope this Laptop will do the trick :smile:

Bigger screen is always better in my opinion. You need that screen real estate to get things done, especially is you start cluttering up things with SketchUp extensions (ie. toolbars). I know, mine are some of the worst for this. :slight_smile:

Also consider the OriginPC EON17-X and configure it to your liking as there are a good number of things you can customize. Plus they are the people that originally started Alienware before Dell bought it from them.

Be careful of the 9900 in a laptop, keeping that thing cool is no trivial feat.

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I found this:

Would you have the option at the clients’ premises to plug in to a second larger screen? If so, check the video outputs on the laptop for compatibility with, perhaps, a range of compatible connection types.

Hi John, thank you for making me aware of the connectivity, actually very important, also because I plan to work with Virutal Reality at the customer, need to double check…

Hi Mike, nice system specs seems to be a dutch company (BTO build to order), need to check the power supplies… Yesterday found the alien ware with similar specs, but it turned out that it needs TWO adapters, there goes the portability…

…13,2 pounds

A lot has improved since this one:

(It didn’t had batteries)
BTO actually stands for ‘Better Then Others’

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Hi Mike, wow, that’s, that’s … probably not the computer you comfortably operated on your lap :slight_smile:

My guess? 2.6 won’t bottleneck as another poster mentioned. Since the GPU “is king” when working with graphically-intensive SU (not as much with Layout), you’ll be able to “max out graphics settings” (64X antialiasing) and the textures. Be it as it may, I recommend 3GHz processor.

I think I played with ELIZA, on that one.

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