Quick question about CPU and GPU

Hi guys, I’m building a PC for using SketchUp. Wich one matter the most: More cores or less cores and more perfomance per core? I’m thinking to buy the AMD 3300X over the 1600AF.

Another question that came into my mind: does the GPU matter? I am aiming for a GTX 1650, will this GPU will serve me well using the SketchUp?


I don’t believe SU utilizes multi core, although if you Intend to run multiple programs and applications obviously that makes sense.

The GPU is the most important component. Go with Invidia GTX or RTX 1070 or 2070 respectively or higher.

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Sketchup is a single core user. to get the most bang for the buck, one needs to know which rendering software you plan to use. Some Can use the CPU only, use GPU only or both at the same time. to me that is the most determining factor in choosing the CPU / GPU.

It has been reaffirmed many times that SketchUp and LayOut will use a single core no matter how many you have. So you should look for the fastest single-core performance you can afford if that is your main goal. As @Sonder said, though, if you run other things at the same time, particularly renderers, they may benefit from more cores.

I’d quibble whether the GPU is more important. Certainly you need one that provides good OpenGL support. Top-shelf gamer versions offer little added improvement for SketchUp. Experience is that Nvidia provide the most stable OpenGL support for SketchUp. But, just as with regard to the CPU, the best choice may depend on what else you want to run. As @RLGL says, some renderers use only the CPU (especially on Mac) while others can take advantage of a more powerful GPU. Again, Nvidia seems to be the most widely supported.

CPU cores dont matter too much for SketchUp but the speed does (turbo speed, if it’s intel or boost clock if it’s AMD). The 3300x should work well (it’s a newer model and it has higher boost speed than the 1600AF).

Can you stretch the budget to a GTX1660? It;s about 40-50% faster than the 1650.

Thanks for the help, you guys really helped me to choose the best parts for my PC. I bought the system today, the parts are listed below:

  • Ryzen 3300X
  • 16GB RAM 3200Mhz (2x8)
  • GTX 1650
  • 450W Corsair CV450 PSU
  • B450M Steel Legend
  • SSD Storage M.2

The GTX 1660 didn’t fit in my budget, the prices here in Brazil are very high because of the pandemic. I think this PC will serve me well for a certain period of time and if want to upgrade it in the future I know that I have to go for another PSU in order to upgrade the GPU/CPU, for example. Thanks for the help again!