Identical load over multiple cores and threads


Hello while I was using sketchup I noticed the identical load over my two CPU cores and threads on my I3 6100. I have heard that sketchup is single core and didn’t notice any difference in load on any one of my two CPU’s while viewing my sketchup model and while creating and deleting geometry. However I did notice my CPU going to max turbo but still don’t know why after all I have heard about sketchup being single threaded I see Identical load over 2 CPU’s?? can anyone explain this?I attached an image of the identical load over my CPU below.


Can you show the Processes tab? This will show us that SketchUp is using more than 100% of one virtual CPU. Otherwise it could be other processes that you have running and the OS is balancing it out.

I see quite a few icons in your toolbar that I’m not familiar with, some of which look like a renderer. Are you rendering in another window that you didn’t show? If I start a CPU render in a SketchUp plugin, it will look like the SketchUp process is hogging the CPU, but it’s the renderer really and not SketchUp that’s making full use of the CPU.


I didn’t think the i3-6100 had Turbo Boost.


hello I just took a screen capture of the processes and here is a list of it.


it dosen’t sorry i mistaken it’s max clock speed of 3.7Ghz as turbo


You seem to have V-ray installed. Is it rendering?


no, I used it for a bit then switched to twilight v2


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