Modelling/Rendering with max 13% CPU usage


Whenever I import 5-10 files of 3d models into one big assembly it starts lagging. My cpu usage on sketchup (or rendering program) seems to be stuck on 12-13% at max. Is there any settings for enabling all of the cores for these programs? I’v been reading that sketchup could only use 1 core in earlyer versions. Anyone know if there might be any updates on the 2017 version?

I’v got a I7-SL 6700, quad. Integrated graphic.

I’d suggest cleaning geometry from the other files first. Purge works wonders. Sometimes with multiple files layer conflicts may uccur especially if they’re on layer 0. Waiting usually works! The integrated video card might be part of the problem too. Someone with more understanding of graphics processors may want to chime in…

an intel Quadro Core CPU with Hyper Threading doubles the 4 physical cores to 8 logical cores : 100% / 8 cores = 12,5%

more or less all 3D modelers do use 1 kernel only during modeling operations being consecutive by nature.

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