Question to the developers

Good evening!! Thank you very much for your development of the better Sketchup Program!, there is a question, is it true that Sketchup runs on a single processor?, if so, can this be fixed? is it possible to make the program work on all processors of this computer, then there will be less brake

It is true that SketchUp uses a single thread. It’s not broken so there’s nothing to fix. There are already threads on this topic where it has been explained. A little searching will turn them up.

Thank you for the answer

SketchUp is a 3D modelling application. To date, no one has been able to add multithreading support to a 3D modeller, at least in a way that would benefit users.

As an anecdote, some time in 1992…4 Intel launched the Pentium processor, with support for two or more processors on a motherboard. At the same time Autodesk announced that they would shortly release a version of 3D Studio Max that would support modelling in multiple threads. More than a quarter of a century later we are still waiting for that. Of course, things that are easily split into parts, like non-realtime rendering, have been using multithreading for a long time, beginning, I think, with mainframe computers in the 1970s.


thank you very much for the information