SketchUp Performance Speed Correct me if I'm wrong



Because sketchup only uses 1 thread, that becomes the bottleneck for modeling speed. You can have the best of the line graphics card, but at some point, modeling speed is still limited to the 1 thread of CPU usage. SO…sketchup’s solution is to not make the program scalable to a users upgraded hardware set, but to, instead, give direction on how to not use certain features of the program i.e. shadows, anti-aliasing settings to make everything run faster.

Are there any foreseeable upgrades to the way the software uses a computers hardware?

The softwares graphic settings are huge benefit, but modeling speed for professsionals is a complete joke. What are some software alternatives that can provide faster modeling with similar default graphic quality?


There are already enough threads discussing and arguing over this topic:


As said many times, none. Intel released the first Pentium processor in 1993, and the first dual processor motherboards appeared at the same time. And, for instance, Autodesk, promised that a multithreading modeller version of 3D Studio Max was just around the corner. It has not happened yet. Non-realtime rendering is widely multithreaded but modelmaking has not benefited from added processor cores.