Trying to See the terrain with Add location. I don't see the terrain, just a plain map

I’m trying to import terrain in SketchUp using Add location. I only see what you can see in this picture (a plain map) and there is no option for seeing it as terrain.

I saw many video where they showed pretty much the same procedure for importing terrain and creating contour lines, which is what I need. However if I can’t import the terrain I can’t even begin to work with it.

What should I do? Thanks!

Satellite imagery (such as it is) and terrain are available only on Sektchup Pro.

Google withdrew it’s previously free service that enabled Trimble SU access to terrain and satellite images…

Make has access to the replacement free service…

SU Pro can import terrain, but from it’s now from the new supplier…


I guess the answer should be clear now. You should buy a SketchUp Pro license.

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