3D terrain does not show up after using Add Location

So I added my site map using Add Location and bringing in the aerial photo. But for some reason the terrain did not import as well. It still shows it as a 2d photo, when I pressed the toggle terrain button or in the layers section, the 3D part does not show. Not sure what to do. Is there a step that I am missing?
I am using Sketchup Make 2015

Exactly what do you mean by, “in the layers section, the 3D part does not show.” Does not show on screen or does not show in the Layer manager?

Do you have both a 2D Snapshot and a 3D Terrain layer?


in layers is shows google earth terrain and google earth snap shot, and when I clicked on the google earth terrain, nothing happens

it also does not show up in the model

what’s the location?

did you turn the image off incase it’s hidding the terrain…


Look, rather than us sit here interrogating you all afternoon, why not just upload the model as you have it and let us take a look. Sure sounds like it’s there.


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What is the state of the Toggle Terrain button?

Add Location imports both terrain and snapshot of your selected > grabbed location.
In SU 2015 both are on their own specific layer (assigned to them): Google Earth Terrain resp. Google Earth Snapshot.
(In SU 2016 these layers are called Location Terrain resp. Location Snapshot)

Either one of both mentioned layers activate the ‘Toggle Terrain’ key. Both are needed to toggle between seeing them. Only the ‘Google Earth Terrain’ is necessary to toggle its layer on/off
If only the ‘Google Earth Snapshot’ is present the ‘Toggle Terrain’ key is active but does not switch any layer on/off
So maybe you inadvertently slightly changed the ‘Google Earth Terrain’ name. It needs to be spelled correct. Only one character difference break the spell of toggling.

Langford Site.skp (2.2 MB)

I havent uploaded my model into the terrain, because it would be too big. Once I figure this add terrain feature, I then can work on contours.

The terrain is there. At the east end it only drops about 8’ 4" below the red axis. There’s just not a whole lot of change there.

from the aerial shot, the height from the water to the highest point is about 12 feet I think

oh i see, but the part where it shows water, there is no drop or change in elevation

Well it must be that way in the Maps image, too. It’s not a fault of SketchUp. What are the coordinates of the location?

I am trying to model the rectangular area, but I am not sure how to incorporate contours so that I can alter the terrain height for the model I am making

I don’t know what you need for terrain but I don’t think you’re going to get it from Google Maps. I looked at that area in Google Earth and it shows the elevation of the the cul de sac at the end of Henry Eng Place as 404’. The same for the water’s surface.

This confirms to me that SketchUp is displaying the terrain it has been given. Maybe you can get better elevation data from the local agency covering GIS data?

In the image FTS Forest Tech is located at lat. 48.444698 degs., lon. 123.520318 degs. You can use Google Earth to draw a path across the site and then measure the elevation at various points along it There are various options you can set.
You can also use some cutting planes set at various heights ( within SU ) and probably create contours for the site also.
Strangely the path approach showed the elevation near the lake of ~404 ft and the reducing to lower values at other end. I would assume an operator error occurred , but bed time now and will have to wait until 11 29 AM to check myself.
Google Earth also has a history slider and you can check earlier images and see what the elevation looked like in past years but the elevation accuracy of sats has change over time also.

You can also see that Elevation Maps reports the same thing.

Check out Saanich GIS Map Service. Maybe they can provide more detailed information.

What I was seeing was over wider area wherein across site elevation decreases like some areas are below lake level. Reason thinking my error.:confounded:

Used USGS foreign name search to obtain official Langford location of 48.450653 - 123.485669. The lake sets at the foothills of mountains and from there terrain slopes down to " ocean". Most of city shows ~ 350ft, checks of historical imagery data back to 2003 shows much same results reported above and the skp file above IMHO is correct. The small changes from snap shot to terrain is not noticeable unless looking closely.
What other data do you need??