Trying to purchase SketchUp Pro: Trimble - spins forever and nothing happened

I was under the impression that SketchUp Pro was going to be the right tool for me. However, when I can’t even successfully purchase the item without issues it makes me concerned about how it performs and how I will be supported as a user after I pay for the subscription. Please tell me about your experience with customer support. It looks like a lot of issues are being solved by the user community. While that’s an interesting approach, I want to make sure that technical support is more than this. How often does Trimble cause issues for you?

I get on ok with SketchUp Support.

The general case is that we need to solve issues for people who cannot get SketchUp working, before taking perhaps a lot of time to answer “how to” questions. The forum is very useful for longer debates about ways to do things.

There isn’t really a connection between issues that come up when buying a product, and whether the product will work well, once you’ve managed to buy it.

I cant buy it

Trimble just spins

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Where are you located?
What browser are you using?


Safari 12

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I guess you mean Minnesota? I asked because it checks if you are out of the states.
You are not, obviously.
Can you try another browser (chrome or firefox)

I’m sorry yes Minnesota.

I will see what I can do with chrome or firefox

Thank you