Website Issues: Keeps timing out when I try to subscribe to Sketchup

I’m having issues with the website: I cannot load the page where I would actually be able to purchase a subscription. As soon as I check the “login and Checkout” button, it just loads forever and will eventually time-out. I’m sure if everyone was having this issue there would be more noise making on this forum, but I also think this issue isn’t exclusive to myself; there’s definitely something off with the site.

I’ve tried all the basic fixes: Multiple browsers, clearing my cache/cookies, etc… to no avail. I’ve also emailed help with no response.

Is there a way to subscribe without having to go through the website?

If not located in the US, you can try a local reseller.

Thanks Mike! I might have to go that route. It’ll set me back a few days however.

I’m surprised nobody from Trimble has bit on this. It seems like a pretty big issue when someone literally can’t buy their product hehe :wink:

weird, although this post is from half a year ago I am having the exact same issue. ( Trimble Cart loads forever and eventually times out ) Has this been around for that long?