Subscription problems

I have been motoring on with a Classic licence ever since the subscription option was first mooted. But I am now ready to subscribe. The system won’t let me though. It won’t register my company even when I leave the box blank suggesting I don’t have one. It’s just Computer Says No with no reason for the failure. Anyone else had that? I have put in a query with Support but I’m guessing it may take a while for them to respond - especially if everyone is having the same issue.

There is an email address you can use to get a subscription if you’re having problems with the web page:

We are an authorised reseller for sketchup in the UK and the previous UK distributor for SketchUp (so we have a lot of in house expertise) if you want to buy from us via http:/ we can look after you - we have UK phone support also, which Trimble don’t offer to UK customers.

If you do order, I’ll keep my eye out for it and will make sure you can use a subscription immediately.