Trying to make an animation

Hey guys,

I’m trying to create an animation of a “B” and a “W” where the “B” comes in from the right and the “W” comes in from the left, they overlap each other and finish with the “B” on the left and the “W” on the right.

So far I’ve managed to create two scenes, have some general layering going on, but not sure if I’m going left, right, or round the bend!

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

I’ll try and upload my SU file for clarity.


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Sounds like you just need more scenes and Tags/Layers.

Wow, “Quick-draw Dave”! :laughing: I agree… How do I upload my file?? Thanks for jumping in

Drag it and drop it into a reply. Or just hang tight. I’m making an example.

BW Animation.skp (395.1 KB)

Like this?

That should work. I made this while I was waiting. Watch the tag thing as it runs. If you’re still using SU2018, it’ll be Layers.

You need to make additional copies of the letters.

This is a more involved animation but since I have it…

Click on the image to see the animation.

With all of the tags turned on, the model looks like this:


Cool. Thanks Dave. I’ll give it a try :+1:

Check out my previous post edit.

Thanks, - Something to aspire to!

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So here’s where I’m at… Not sure how to make it run smoothly, like an actual animaton… :thinking:

At the moment I’m playing around with animation setting in model info, but feel like I’m missing somethingBW Animation.skp (395.1 KB)

You need more scenes and layers. In my example with the B and W I have a total of five scenes to your two. In the steam engine animation there are 24 scenes and 24 tags/layers.

In my last upload, I’d made five scenes, but think I understand. This is basically stop animation a la Ardman style. 24 scenes it is then! :crazy_face:

Thanks for the support, Dave :+1:

Yeah. Stop animation.That’s pretty much it. You may not need 24 scenes but the more you have and the shorter the time each is on screen, the smoother your animation can appear. Here’s one with only 18 scenes/frames. Of course it repeats a few times.

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Brilliant - A stitch in time saves nine!

I love every craft from woodwork to needlework to sketchupwork and your demos are so super helpful.

So when I get all the scenes pulled together and sent into Layout, the next question’s going to be how to convert it as you have… :smiley:

Thank you.

I wouldn’t (and didn’t) send into LayOut. I used the Animation export option in SketchUp to export an MP4 file. In the case of the steam engine animation I did some editing in Camtasia which I normally use for creating screen capture videos. Its video editor is quite good though. The still image was added at the front of the video and then the transition and the zooming in and out were all done in the editor.

Thanks Dave,

I’ll investigate those options as and when I ready.

The fruits of my labour! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :raised_hands:
A work in progress, but definitely getting there
Something like 80 scenes and 60 layers in the end! :laughing:
Exported to I-Movie which is just fine for my basic needs.



Did you make separate layers for the W and the B?

First attempt they were all on their own layer, then I figured it was easier for each instance of any B and W to share the same layer. 60 copies of each letter - quite work intensive, but worth it.

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I expect with the right video editor you could have done that all in just the editor but it still looks cool and you learned something you could apply to your 3D models.