Animation has gone nuts

Always the way - urgent production for a client needed today!!!, and SU does something weird.
Simple animation, where the scenes play perfectly in SU but the mp4 is a mess.
Only the first scene is ok, from then it becomes like when you highlight hidden part of a drawing, and eventually it dissappears of the screen.
Can someone please shed some light.

Are you using the new graphics engine? Try turning it off and then exporting.

Actually worse!

I have been able to export other recent files successfully.
I really need to discover what the issue is with this particular file, as it is the near culmination of a job compiled over a period of two years.
There are 22 previous versions of this. I went back about 6 and (almost) the same issue occurs
I had unresolved issues with the same file recently - which I fudged to get around.

There’s several days work in redrawing, if that needs to be done. But my client needs the video now today!
I would really appreciate if there was some input from SU

well it’s about midinight / 1am at SU’s offices, on a sunday night / monday morning.

and you might have to share the problematic file, since they - just like us - are not wizards :confused:

My desperation has clouded my judgement, I applogise.
I am able to share it now the IP has just been taken care of.
NBS_QuikBuild_Wall_System_Extrusions_V-8_BottomPlate.skp (2.5 MB)

I did a first try using the classic engine o na mac, the animation stutters like it does in your video.

second try with openGL… same issue. looks like the animation is crashing right before you land on a scene, the movement is fine, then stuck, then onward to the next one.

I removed the pause in the video (model info / animation / the bottom line), it was on 3 seconds.
if there is no pause, the animation works fine.

add a pause back and it gets stuck.

you could use a workaround, remove the animation pauses, and just duplicate the scenes. that way, the video will have to spend 2 seconds going from itself to itself…

edit: or as Mihai shows, SU22. probably 23 ?

I’m guessing the export had to be rewritten / touched in order to accommodate the new engines. could be the problem ?

SketchUp 2022

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That’s fantastic.
I was about to ask where do I deliver the beer, but! It did exactly the same when I used SU22, I’m afraid. What could be different?

I think maybe what’s different is that I didn’t save the file when I opened it in SU22. I did so when I used SU23 and it worked.
I am so grateful, where do I send the beer?