Simple animation?

JUST want to show animation of RR Loco coming do the track from far away to close.

What am I missing? For instance, where are LAYERS? Where are TAGS?
Have you a video recommendation that walks me right through the steps:

Haha I was replying while before anyone answered, but had to stop to check my son. I didn’t see your reply.

I’ll add that Tags are Layers. they got renamed a few years ago, because people coming from 2D CAD found layers a bit confusing. 2d layers allow people to change line width and colour, and to place stuff in front / in the back. In 3d they don’t do that, hence the Tags.

Thanks for quick reply. I’m bewildered on a couple of counts.

  1. I’ve been SKUPer since the turn of the century making animations ala moving through just plain scenes say a couple of dozen with use of tags or what ever. As far as movement of RR loco I had only used two scenes - down at end of track and act the closest point on the track- the creating animation using just the two scenes… But it just didn’t work like my old animations.
  2. where are TAGS? Where are LAYERS found
    Anyway, I’ll try the method that you describe or FREDOs animation extension. I’ve used FREDOs. elegant extensions before…
    Thanks again for your time you fixed steam engine is similar the model RR ENGINES that I have been engrossed in for a few months now.
    Will try to post some pix….

it still works like it always did.
in window / info about model / animation you need to set your animation time (the first number)
then by placing a camera at the start, a camera at the end, and some time, you can have a travelling movement.
but doing this, the model will remain immobile. in your case, you would need to add a lot of rails, and instead of moving the train on them, move the camera toward the train for an illusion or movement
Here is an example, camera 1 on one end, camera 2 on the other end, simple travelling, model is not moving.


The method Dave mentioned, duplicate your train again and again, move it a bit, place it on tags… basically a stop motion.


Fredo animator. and I have to say, I love his work, but elegant is an adjective I never thought I’d read. it’s more… practical

I…I’m not sure if you’re asking again the same question I answered, it’s quite confusing. Layers = Tags and they are in the Tag panel. menu Window / Tag

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It’s imposible to make an animation just with two copies, depending on the distance yo will need a lot more, I would make a copy the trolley every 50cm and check if it works, otherwise make a copy every 20cm, if it’s on straight line just use the move tool, press Ctrl and move it the distance you want, then without pressing anything write the number of copies you need to cover the distance of the railway then write X and enter. After that you’ll have to assign a tag to each copy of the trolley, then start to create the scenes you need according to the number of copies you have. It can take a lot of time this way, with fredo animator you could do it in a fraction of the time needed with the native tools method.