Animated scenes

I have animated some scenes although I am happy with the overall result and I have presented it to the client - I am willing to hear your feedback. 1 Major thing I do not like is that the lines seem too thick although they did not appear so thick whilst still in scene format. I have tried to attach but format too large :frowning:

It may be that your profiles were turned off when modeling but on when saved to a scene. You need to make sure that you’ve updated or created a new Style that has profiles set to β€˜1’ for thickness or turned off. Then make sure to update each scene with that style.

Maybe you can post a link to YouTube or Vimeo, etc of your animation since it’s too big to post there.

Good idea yes will try and do so thank you

that link goes to the main Vimeo page only.

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I have amended the profile as you suggested thank you

Did you confirm whether or not Profiles were turned on in your Style? Also, another tip is to change your line color to something other than black, ie dark grey. This makes them read a bit more subtle.

See comparison of Black first, then dark grey under that:

Edit: make sure to update your style so the Edge color changes are reflected.

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Yes I had checked and profiles was turned on and I turned it off as you suggested - I will change the colour to grey it does make a very big difference - Thanks you have been a great help Eric

No problem. Also, for the record, I exported two animations, one at 420p resolution and one at 1080p resolution and the line thickness in both animations appeared to be the same. I assumed that lower resolution exports may make the lines look thicker. Of course the lower resolution export was pixelated compared to the 1080p.

I exported mine in 1080

Awesome. Hope the final product works out!