Trying to import SketchUp 2014 models into 3ds Max 2015

I used to download lots of models from 3d Warehouse and import them into 3ds max.3d Warehouse recently updaed all their downloadable models so the earliest file format was 2014. This is known to crash the import function in 3ds max. Details about it are here:

The solution is presented as having to download the Sketchup SDK, but only for one important file: SketchUpReader.dll

In order to download the SDK you have to apply and that can take forever (I’ve been waiting for a few days now). Is there any way to just get that file?

Have you tried using the Save As function to save the file as an earlier version?

I don’t have sketchup. Might sound odd but my SSD is getting full so I’d rather not install it.

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