Trying to flatten a copy of a 3D model to 2D

I am currently working on a very large and complex model for a complete home renovation that is ultimately being used for visual design with a virtual animation tour - so this model is heavily reliant on 3D modelling. However, this model also needs to have ‘close to accurate’ dimensions and elevations for builder’s reference and guidance - therefore a 2D floorpan is also required.

  • Along the modelling journey, after client review of the 3D model, there have been multiple changes to the floorplan and design. This is easy enough, however, I find it difficult to keep the 2D floor plan as an exact replica of the 3D floorpan with all the new multitude of changes.
    • Rather than change/move things on the 3D model and then go to the 2D model and do the same with all of the excessive modifications, is there a way I can make a copy of the updated 3D model and scale it down to flat so that the dimension tool in Layout grabs the right corners for the new 2d floor plan-top view? Currently, I can flatten the 3D model to ⅛", but I feel that Layout might grab the wrong edge for placing dimensions.
      Thanks for considering my issue.

Your profile indicates that you are using SketchUp Pro. You shall have the Layout program too.

You can use Layout to get the 2D images that you need.

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Just as Jean_lemire_1 says, you can use Layout.
As architects we use it all the time.
You’ll need a bit of patience as it’s far from perfect, but you can get the job done.
And heh, a new version is supposedly imminent, so who knows, a miracle has perhaps happened and the latest iteration will be super fast and ergonomic :thinking:

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Thank you. Yes, I will use Layout to display a 2D model. However, I do desire a true flat 2D surface for eace of placing dimension lines and ultimately for what I feel would more accurate as it would guard against grabbing the wrong edges when displaying elevations etc.
I guess in my case, practice with this aspect would be the best thing to do.
Fingers crossed that the new version will be all that.

Another thing you can do from orthographic scenes of plans, sections & elevations is export them as .dwg files and work them up in a compatible program…
We used to do that for presentations, but obviously if you make changes to the 3d model they do not automatically update in the 2d…
However, at the end of a design phase we do this in order to be able to transmit 2d drawings to various 3rd parties that do not yet work in 3d.

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