Trying to create a 2D floorplan of a 3D room

Can anyone create a 2d floor plan with dimensions for me? I have absolutely no idea how to do it. I would be so grateful! Ezra’s Office.skp (164.3 KB)

Are you using the web-based SketchUp Free as your profile indicates? What is the operating syste,? 2024 is not the answer to that.

In general, add a section cut.

Set the Camera to Parallel Projection and select the Standard Top View.

Can’t make it much more specific because you haven’t provided enough information.

I am using the web-based free sketch up. and I have NO IDEA what operating system. BAHHHHHH. I’m trying to create a floorplan with dimensions I can use for interior design. but I have absolutely no usable skills in Sketchup!

So presumably this is a hobby thing for you? You should spend some time looking at the Square One videos on the SketchUp You Tube channel.

Section Cut tool:
Screenshot - 11_29_2023 , 12_09_33 PM
In Scenes set Parallel Projection and Plan view.

Add dimensions with the Dimension tool.

I was trying to make something like this (which I did with an iPhone app)
is there a way to add dimensions to the sketch file with the section cut? do they have to be manually entered?

Ues the Dimension tool. Third to the left from the Section Plane tool in my screenshot.

You have to manually add dimensions. SketchUp can’t read your mind as to which dimensions you need to include.

okay dave you are the best!!! these are very clear instructions. let me see if I can figure it out.


Take time to learn to use it and have fun. That’s kind of the idea with hobbies.

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