How to automatically convert SketchUp model into 2D floorplan with measurement

Hello good people,

I created a houseplan in Skethcup and would like to convert it to a 2D layout with measurements like this one:

Is there a way to do it automatically?

Along with your subscription license Studio, you have access to the desktop client SketchUp Pro, which actually are three apps in one:

SketchUp - create models
LayOut - create 2D documents
StyleBuilder - create your own Styles for use in SU and LO

Assuming you got it installed, you need to make a few steps in SketchUp to prepare your model, and then you can use ‘Send to LayOut‘
in SketchUp.

This will insert your model, but it won’t automatically place dimensions or label’s etc.

You need to make additional steps in LayOut, as well.

Automation can be achieved in SketchUp, since this app has a Ruby console and the ability to load Ruby extensions.
There are extensions out there that can help automate the process for preparation.

But not natively and LayOut’s Ruby Console is not live, yet so these steps will have to be doen, as well

If looking for a tutorial, check out the essentials on
You will find SketchUp and LayOut tracks.


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