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I’m new to Sketchup. I subscribed to Sketchup Shop because I’m getting ready to do a renovation project in my house. Can you do a 2d layout in Shop? I’ve called it a Plan View in the past. I want to draw and dimension my floorplan.

You can create a plan view of the model and if you’ve made a 3D model of your house, use a section cut to show the floor plan.You can also add dimensions if you wish.

I just grabbed a house model from the 3D Warehouse and made a floor plan view with a few dimensions.

You could make the plan view so it’s just black lines on white if you prefer.

Okay, but I’m not sure how you got to a plan view before you made the section cut. I’m used to a very, very old version of AutoCad and 2d was very easy.

Open the views panel from the menu at the right of the screen and select the top view.

Edit: unlike my screenshot you will also want to change the camera to parallel by clicking the isometric-looking cube at the left in the views panel.

Perfect! It was right in front of me the whole time! Thank you for your patience!

He likely did not. A user would create a scene page for the current 3D view (name it whatever.)
Then create the section cut, and using the move tool move it up above the porch at the level so it cuts the windows on the main floor.

Afterward create a new scene page for the plan view, name it “Plan” if you like.

Then do as Steve said by changing the camera view for the “Plan” scene page, and then update the scene.

Now you have two scenes each with it’s own camera settings. You can switch between the 2 scenes depending upon what you need to do, without upsetting the settings for either.

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Dan is correct. It is very difficult to adjust the placement of a section plane when you are looking squarely at it. I started with the camera set to Perspective and a roughly 3/4 view of the model. I also had the style set so the section plane was displayed.

After moving the section plane to the desired height, turn if off in the style, set the camera to Parallel Projection and choose the Top view.

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