View sketchup model in plan

A client gave me a model of his building in sketchup. How do I look at a plan view of this model with sketchup viewer?

Are you talking about looking straight down on the building -top view?
or do you want to see inside and have a look at the floor plan. If you want the floor plan, then the client will have to insert a section plane, activate it to show only the floor plan, and then send you a new view file with the section plane and plan view saved. You cannot insert a section plan in SketchUp Viewer.

You can use SketchUp Make to have a view at it and insert needed section planes instead.

Do not understand how to create a Section Plane through the model so that I see the floor plan in Plan View. Anybody help? Thanks,

There are various standard views available under:
Menu > Camera > Standard Views
There is also a matching Toolbar.
Choose 'Top’
This looks down in plan.
It’ll probably be in ‘perspective’.
You can toggle that off using Camera > Perspective
Choose View Zoom Extents.

Immediately save a new Scene-Tab of that view, so that this can be restored later - as any orbiting etc in this new view will probably mess up the ‘plan-view’.

Once you have a plan-view you can place a section-plane using the
Tools > Section-Plane
or the equivalent Toolbar, which also lets you toggle the sections’ visibility and if the active one ‘cuts’…

You can temporarily change to a 3d view, select the section-plane and then use Move on it - to locate it vertically so that it cuts what you want…

You can then use the saved scene-tab to restore the view - remember to update the scene-tab as necessary…

Thank you!