Trouble with Daylight Visualization in Sefaira

Hi, my name is Randy and I’m a student.
I’ve been having trouble getting my simple project to render in the Daylight Visualization tool within Sefaira.
I’ve gone through different forums and videos, but nothing has done the trick for me. I’ve gone through and made sure that all my materials are properly tagged, and deleted any stray geometries. However, I still get an error message in a red box telling me “There has been an error processing your model for analysis. This could be due to a connection problem, or an issue with your model.” Then it proceeds to list variables pertaining to my model.
Can I please get some guidance on how to get this to work? Thank you.
-Randy J.

Make sure your model meets all the requirements presented

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It looks like you have tagged Niraj (scale figure) as a wall.
I think Niraj is actually in the (w)hall of fame in 3D Basecamp, but no longer working for Sefaira and SketchUp.
Try deleting it and also get rid of other stray elements.

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LOL Thanks @MikeWayzovski, I’m currently experiencing the phrase, “you can take a person out of SketchUp but you cannot take SketchUp out of the person.” :slight_smile:

@rmjohn27 If the Daylight analysis still does not run after deleting the scale figure, can you share your model with us here so we can take a look? I suspect you might have some redundant geometry floating elsewhere in the model. The first thing that I typically do when analysis does not complete is to:

  • view >> unhide >> all

  • And then “zoom extents”

to see if there is anything else in floating in the model somewhere. Daylight analysis in particular in Sefaira is very forgiving when it comes to the complexity of the model. It will run successfully for +95% of models, no doubt. So when the daylight analysis does not complete, it is most often due to the fact that you have some SketchUp geometry close to the origin but also some redundant geometry floating elsewhere (typically far away from your project).

Hope this helps.

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