Sefaira is not showing up any analysis in the visualization tab

The below is the link of the model and I wanted to do a daylight factor analysis. Theres an error message and I have checked its requirement and I dont think I am missing out anything

main building.skp (4.6 MB)

HI @MattTheArchitect ,

Can you share the model with us here. So that we can check to see what might be going on.

edit: I see the model now. Let me take a look and see what might be going on.

hi yes i did share is below the screenshot. thanks @Experimental_Yogi

Hi Matt,

So how Sefaira works is, “what you see is what is gets analyzed”, so if you look at the screen grab below, I would actually, instead of ignoring the geometry, place it in a different tag and hide the tag so Sefaira does not even have to compute the “I need to ignore these surfaces part”

Second, I would also ignore the surfaces that are tagged as “floor” that do not need to be included as part of the daylight analysis. I.e., if you do not need to study daylighting in those areas then you can tag them as “shading” or “ignore” them if you know that they will block the sunlight reaching your surfaces.

Finally, If after doing those things don’t work then you might also want to reduce the interior partitions to a single place so that the floor piece that gets carved out by the wall thickness does not introduce any errors. Because remember, Sefaira will find floor “pieces” and add daylight sensors to them. So the fewer the “pieces” the lower the propagation of errors.

Hope this helps.

Hi, thank you for letting me I am new to this, can I just highlight one part of the floor or a single room and identify them as floor and wall so that I dont have to analyze the whole thing? Can I just tag the room instead of the whole model?

Absolutely! And that is what I would recommend. Everything else either is an “ignore” tag or a “shading” tag.

Because you will want to hone in on only the surfaces that you need the analysis to take place in.

Let me know if that does/does not work so we can dig into this further.

Thanks for letting me know! I am going to give this a try now, I will let you know if it works or not! Thanks!

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Yes, please let me know how you fare. I suspect that if you change a few things as I mentioned, you should be successful with the analysis.

One more thing that I would add here is, if you are running Daylight analysis, all you need to do is:

  • Ensure that you have the floor, walls, roof, windows surfaces tagged as such

  • Anything else that you do not want analyzed, you need to ask, is this surface going to participate in blocking the sunlight that would otherwise reach my project, if “Yes” then tag those surfaces as “Shading” if not, then you can simply delete those surfaces from the model altogether.

Hope this helps.

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