Sefaira Analysis Error - Shading Planes

Hi everyone! I am fairly new to Sefaira, was trying to analyze a fairly complex model *over 200m000 office building), and I keep getting a shading plane error when trying to run both energy and daylighting analysis - it looks like there are over 11,000 shading planes in the model, but I can’t understand what this means. I prepped the Revit model using a course on the Sefaira website (setting up walls, separating balconies, replacing windows, etc,) but nothing helped. Does anyone have any idea how I could fix that? Thanks!

Hi Maria,
Hopefully you got some help - I was out last week but this article might be useful:
Revit is covered in the second half of the article.
Also if you are using the Sefaira web-application (where it says upload to Sefaira) you can turn off shading plans and add shading parametrically in the shading tab.
Maybe that will help?