Sefaira Revit plug in issue

Hi, can anyone help me assist with this error? I am an architectural science student that’s submitting the last few pieces of my final year assignment. I keep getting this issue and I even restarted Revit, uninstall and reinstalled it. I even have a sample Revit documentation model that my professor gave me which I assumed it’s fully correct based on the guidelines he gave us. I redrew my model and I successfully launched the model a couple of times to update my Energy Analysis View until I turned on the solar study shading and sun path. I’m not entirely sure what I did wrong there. Would highly appreciate some advices as I need to finish this project until next week on a Wednesday.

Have you checked your model according to these guidelines?

If you can add a few more details of exactly what date/time (including time zone) you submitted the failing job, whether this is for energy/daylight/both, if you are using the web app, what the project ID is, we can look at the logs and see if there’s any helpful errors there.

Also are the roofs fully defined and attributed with the correct type in Sefaira?