Sefaira Unable to Analyse Simple Geometry

Hi, my Sefaira plugin in SketchUp is unable to analyse the energy consumption and daylight of my model. When I press ‘Update Analysis’ it would run forever until it says ‘time out’. My model is fairly simple with no more than 50 entities for every entity type except shading (has 114 entities), that is way below the total limit of 30000 planes. I would like to know if it has to do with Sefaira’s server as my internet connection is running fine and at high speed (I live in the UK).

Hi Nond,
Sorry to hear you have having trouble.

If you’re a Sefaira customer or in a SketchUp Studio trial, I would suggest you send an email with the details and ideally the model to Our of our customer success team will pick up the ticket and get in touch.

If you’re a student then the best place for support is your course administrator or other students.

Hope that helps!


Hi Andrew,

I’ve sent them an email since yesterday but they have not replied yet. They wrote in the support page that they operate in the morning GMT time but it’s now afternoon so I decided to try posting it here. Thank you for the suggestion though.


Hi @nond_varanond, I had the chance to look at your model yesterday. Unfortunately didn’t get a chance to respond to you. I will do so in the ticket shortly.

I see that the model has the plenum space tagged as internal wall. I had corrected that yesterday and tagged that surface as shading instead. Yet I kept getting the error as well.

Something in the model is preventing it from analyzing. We are looking into this further and will continue our conversation at for a detailed diagnosis of the model.

I look forward to continuing the conversation there.