Sefaira not working

Hi a few weeks ago the sefaira extension was working on my model and analyse was very quick and working, however now when I am doing the exact same thing on the same model and others it keeps timing out and coming up with error and I would like to know is their something wrong with sefaira or the server?

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I am also having trouble, keep getting this warning, however it was running fine two weeks ago and the model has not changed.


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I have having the EXACT same issue as of an hour or so ago. Maybe a Sefaira server issue? Fingers crossed they can fix it ASAP as I’ve got work to do

Hi guys,
Firstly thank you for posting your question here - this is the best place to let us know if something’s wrong. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having issues.
At this time of year we have a lot of students using Sefaira which creates a lot of variability on our servers. We automatically deploy new machines with increased load but this can take time and if this is happening while you are doing analysis it’s possible that you will time out and get these errors even for models that previously worked. The process can take 5-10 minutes so if you grab a cup of tea and come back often it should be OK again.
I looked over the logs for the times you are referring to and it looks like most people were having good service at those times. We didn’t get any errors or notifications that the system was down at that time.
Sometimes the error may be due to your model instead. In the future, if you are willing, it’s helpful to know a bit more about what isn’t working for you. Then others may be able to see if they can reproduce the problem you have. Some things you can share that help:

  • what kind of analysis are you doing and where (eg: daylight, daylight + energy, energy only, webapp?)
  • what is your model like? A screen grab with the entities shown can tell us a lot.
  • where are you located? Unfortunately our service is not consistent across all regions at all times so this can be part of the problem.

If we can tell what is causing your problem from this information quickly we (or others in the forum) might be able to help unblock you.

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