Sefaira Simulation Timing Out

Hi there I am trying to run a daylight simulation on this model, but it keeps coming up with an error saying the it timed out. I have tried simplifying the model as much as possible including not adding the interior walls. I also tried lowering the amount of shading as much as I could for the project. I have attached the model and was just wondering if there are any ideas. I have ran it with more shading than it has, but lately it just won’t run. Thanks.
Daylighting.skp (10.9 MB)

You have a lot of hidden geometry superimposed on another (that seems ready for Sefaira), if it is not useful for this calculation, did you try to delete it and Purge the model and try again with Sefaira?

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After removing the hidden geometry it seems to be running now. Thank you very much.