"There's been an error sending data to our servers"

Hi at all,

I’m using the Sefaira Plugin for revit, but I was redirected to this Forum. I’m constantly recieving this message when i want to Analyse my Building.
“There’s been an error sending data to our servers”. I rebuild it, it’s still not working. Even if I use a very simple geometry ist not working. Im a new revit User, so it could be an issue. But im Pretty sure i did everything correct.
What can I do now ?

Thanks for your help


Hi @johannisfee, thanks for reaching out here. It’s hard to tell without seeing the model first hand. Could you please share your model with me at niraj@sketchup.com. I would like to try running an analysis on the model on my end before I can make any recommendations on how to move forward.

I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

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