"There's been an error sending data to our servers"

Hi at all,

I’m using the Sefaira Plugin for revit, but I was redirected to this Forum. I’m constantly recieving this message when i want to Analyse my Building.
“There’s been an error sending data to our servers”. I rebuild it, it’s still not working. Even if I use a very simple geometry ist not working. Im a new revit User, so it could be an issue. But im Pretty sure i did everything correct.
What can I do now ?

Thanks for your help


Hi @johannisfee, thanks for reaching out here. It’s hard to tell without seeing the model first hand. Could you please share your model with me at niraj@sketchup.com. I would like to try running an analysis on the model on my end before I can make any recommendations on how to move forward.

I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

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I am getting the same error, even with an extremely simple model and the correct entity types. Would someone be able to look at my model to see if the same error is occurring for them?

Hi @packa060, could you please share your model here so that I can take a look at what might be going on?


Please see attached for the SketchUp model I am having issues with.

Massing Model 5 sefaira.skp (567 KB)

Hi @packa060,

Really well modeled for Sefaira. Thanks for sharing that .skp file. I am able to get the daylight analysis back, but am struggling with the energy analysis in the plugin. I suspect this has got to do with the shape of the floors in the model. Either way, let me test it on the web app and see how the Energyplus model is being created to know for sure.

Hi @packa060,

So I realized that your Roof glazing was not on top of a roof but made up the whole roof. Sefaira requires that the roof glazing be placed on a roof surface and therefore in the attached model I offset a small sliver and tagged that as “roof” to ensure that the glazing was a part of it. The analysis works fine after doing so.

Could you please give the attached model a go and let me know if you still encounter any issues?


Massing Model 5 sefaira_NP.skp (440.3 KB)

This worked! Thank you so much for your help. I will keep that in mind moving forward.