Error message in the SketchUp Sefaira plugin - likely a model issue



If you are running into a persistent error message within the Sefaira plugin, the most likely cause of the issue is your model. There are modeling guidelines when using SketchUp to ensure that analysis will run successfully and that your model is being interpreted correctly.

HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT whether the issue is with the Sefaira cloud network or if it is with your model: open a new SketchUp model, create a simple box with a floor area greater than 100 ft2 or 10m2 and try to run the analysis.

  • If the analysis of the box test model is successful, that means that your original model is not quite modeled right for Sefaira.
  • If you continue to get a plugin error on the box test model, check for a notification about the application being down. Otherwise, completely close and re-open SketchUp and try again.

There are a few key points to follow while modeling for Sefaira in SketchUp:

  1. Models should be kept as simple as possible. After all, Sefaira is intended to be used at concept and schematic design to help make informed design decisions. The more detailed your model is, the harder it is to make any significant changes.
  2. Do not model thicknesses of walls, roofs, floors, etc… . All items should be modeled as a single thin plane.
  3. Avoid modeling window mullions.
  4. Model the ground floor at the Z=0 axis plane.
  5. Do not include furniture, modeled lights or appliances, or other items/components that are not part of the building envelope, internal walls, or external shading.
  6. EXTRA IMPORTANT: Check Entity Types. Sefaira assigns an Entity Type (wall, roof, floor, glazing, etc…) to each plane in your SketchUp model. The entity type governs how the analysis will consider thermal heat gain and loss through each plane. Read about Entity Type Tagging here.

If you have followed the above guidelines and are still having trouble with your model, try posting it in this forum thread for help.


Reading this makes me even more curious about testing Sefaira. In addition to the use itself I’m also curious about the UI and the error handling now :open_mouth: .



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