Daylighting Visualization Not Rendering

I made a simple model to test out the daylighting visualization feature.

This is the model:

I believe I followed all of the steps on the Sefaira tutorial correctly, but when I use the daylighting feature, the visualization itself does not appear. As you can see, it’s just blank.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

For what it’s worth, the energy analysis function seems to be working, although it seems very expensive for a small structure with default settings.

I think I figured it out. I had geolocated the model initially, thinking that Sefaira would use that information from SketchUp to calculate location/orientation. Sefaira was interpreting the map geometry as a floor. I deleted it and now it seems to be working.

I’m updating the analysis now to see if that corrects the energy analysis as well

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Hi @tysongersh, you are right. The plugin and web analysis uses the location that you provide within the plugin and is not geolocated from the SketchUp geolocation feature. That is the reason why you see that Sefaira is pulling the terrain area and considering it a floor in the web interface with an area of 952 k sf.

One way to think about the Sefaira analysis is that when you tag a floor a floor is only if it is a part of the conditioned space. If it is not a part of the conditioned space then you would either tag it as a shading surface or ignore it in the plugin by selecting the surface >> right clicking on it >> navigate to Sefaira plugin >> and then doing a “tag surface as”. I hope this helps. Good to see that you are already getting the analysis going in Sefaira. We look forward to answering any questions that may come up as you move forward.

Right. The model automatically assessed the ground as being floor - it turned it green and I just thought it was simplifying it as grass or something. Was my fault though the tutorial clearly states that all visible geometry will be analysis. I should have just hidden it.

Couldn’t get the existing project file to update the energy analysis, but when I rue-loaded as a brand new project it seems to have corrected everything just fine : )

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@tysongersh You might have already corrected this but I do want to point out that when you did the daylight analysis, there seems to be a floor designation closer to the roof as well. That is why we see a complete yellow daylight surface close to the roof.

That might be the plenum space and therefore you will want to tag that particular surface as ‘shading’ or simply ‘ignore’ it, if you haven’t already done so.

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Yeah I did see that, I was just being lazy about it since I figured it could just as easily be a 2nd floor above this level that hadn’t been included in the model yet lol. I fixed it though.

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