Trouble with basics (flat design to arc/circle follow me)

Hello. By way of background, I’ve worked quite a bit with my son in Tinkercad and 3D printing designs. But I hit the design limit with Tinkercad, so have been trying to step up to the next level. Unfortunately, the learning curve has been steep for me.

IN short, I’m trying to create very simple marble track pieces, for a marble run. Straight run, and half and quarter turns. I can do the straight runs.

I’m using a simple flat face design. (Note – I am aware of the asymmetry of the groove — its done to much an existing more complex preexisting piece…the sizes and angles match up.)

I can use “Follow me” or push pull to create the straight runs. But the arcs (half and quarter pieces fail miserable when I export them out to Tinkercad. They actually “look” ok in Sketchup but the arcs end up with weird distortions. (I do bump up the number of segments on the circle/arc to 24 because with two few it comes out too much polygon not enough curve)

Unfortunately, I overestimated the learning curve (no pun) and I’m now hitting my sons deadline for this. I have given up on creating my own hills, at this point just getting the basic flat cures (90 and 180 turns) would be a minor miracle.

I’d really be very grateful some detailed guidance in this, to the point that I’d happily PayPal a few bucks to anyone willing to do a screen sharing session to help me out.) But I realize that is unlikely, so Anything that can be done here, would be appreciated.

I’m going to try to attach the flat share here, either as is or extruded into a straight track. I hope that helps. I’d try to record a video of my failures, but may have to wait.

Again! Thank you to all who help in advance!

strshot.stl (1.2 KB)

How about uploading your SketchUp model instead of the STL. Let’s see what you have in SketchUp.

Ohhh… let me fix that. oops. strshot.skp (1.2 MB)

I just sent you a PM.