Trouble upgrading from 2015 to 2017



So my company purchased 3 individual Pro 2015 seats. It was ordered and set up by our IT guy. Any emails about reminders to renew or upgrade in 2016 apparently were ignored, so I have him trying to update our seats to 2017. He seems to be having trouble, because when he enters our current license info and identifying information, it tells him, “looks like your maintenance/support plan is expired, click here to get a new license in order to renew/upgrade.”

When he clicks that, it tells us that “an email has been sent with the new license key, so check your email and then copy and paste it below”.

The problem is that he says he is not receiving that email.

What gives?


Did you try contact Customer Support through the website? They should be able to help you directly.


no response from them. submitted help request here about 2 weeks ago.

Again, this is according to my IT guy.