Trouble moving object

Can any1 help I’m on issue 11 and I’m stuck I can’t move a block so it lines inside the vase I have selected them as a group and now I can’t move it

It’s hard to tell exactly what the problem is from your description. Can you share the SKP file with us so we can see what you are doing? Some punctuation could help make your request more understandable, too.

We will help, but you will have to make your question a lot clearer. As a wild guess, are you opening the Group for edit first?

My guess is that the group is locked. Right click, unlock !

Or maybe it’s glued onto a surface so can’t be moved off it - in which case unglue it using the context-menu…

(this is how I read your post)
Can any one help.
I’m on issue 11 and I’m stuck.
I can’t move a block so it lines inside the vase.
I have selected them as a group and now I can’t move it.

All previous answers could be valid as although they are quite different. So please rephrase your question.

Maybe you can’t move the block inside the vase due to being in the same editing context as the vase geometry. Switch to X-Ray mode or apply a section plane on the vase to be able to reach inside.

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Thanx to all done now

Any chance you could tell us how you fixed it?

Went back through booksV

You could go a long way toward helping us to help you if you would bother to provide adequate information. I still have no idea what “issue 11” refers to nor what “booksV” you went back through, or for that matter what your actual problem was.

I know that this reply sounds snappish, but we who answer here can get very frustrated when it seems we put way more effort into deciphering the question than the OP put into posing it.


No that’s a fair point really sorry for the sketchy post in future I will
put as much info as possible

But, you could have explained better, even now - at this late hour - but you have not.
So, now after several days of posts by several people, no one, but yourself, understands what this thread was about, let alone how the issue got resolved.
A community is meant to help itself.
You have a duty to express your problem clearly, and if it gets resolved - even outside of the posts - it’s polite to pass on the solution; so that someone else with a similar issue might learn from your experiences…
As it is, many of us wasted effort, and no one learnt anything - except you [perhaps].

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Ok I am sorry for the trouble every1 went to to help me but I am very new to the world of 3D sketchup I thank every1 for giving there advice but all I have to learn is magazines to go by which is not that great again I am sorry

but, which magazine?

the author may even be a member here…


it was build your own 3d printer