Suddenly not able to move items with move tool

I am a beginner… I made a few objects to try to model my garden. I have grouped each object so that they stay separate from other objects. One of my grouped objects won’t sit outside of the object next to it. It crossses the layer of the wall.
After I had put that item there, I now can not move any of the items with the move tool.
Nothing is locked or glued.
I’m using the Free web version in Chrome.

Can you share the file so we can see what you’ve got going on?

I’ve just experimented more: its the M shortcut thats stopped working. If I use the tool button from the side pallete I can move things.

Ok - I’ll try!

Sounds like it might be worth trying to update your Chrome browser to the latest version. There have been problems with several older versions of browsers lately.

Hi Dave - are you asking me to share a live file online or a picture of what I’m doing please?

This is different from what you described in your first post. As Ian suggests try using a different browser. Which browser are you using?

I was asking for the file because from your original post you made it sound like it’s a problem with the model. Your other description makes it sound like the browser so not a problem with the model.
Is this the link!
So sorry!

That’s just the link to the app but not your model. You would need to download it to your computer and then upload here. But it probably isn’t needed since the problem appears to be related to your browser.

I think its just updated to Version 81.0.4044.138
But the shortcut still isn’t working.

Yes - thats ok. I’m just so new to this! I’ve sent a link to the file.

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Try shutting your computer down completely and then restarting it. I’m using the same version of Chrome and keyboard shortcuts are working fine.

No worries. The link you provided is only to the app, not your model. It probably isn’t necessary to share the model, though.

Hi Dave - sorry! I had a problem with two blocks merging as they weren’t on the same plain. I think I’ve fixed that now. I wondered if that had something to do with the problem, but it wasn’t. The move tool keyboard shortcut has just stopped working. I only just started to play with this software, so please excuse my ignorance! I’ve had a go with blender in the past. The basic principles are slowly coming back to me!

Did you try shutting your computer down and restarting it to see if a new boot up of Chrome fixed the problem with the keyboard shortcuts?

Does pressing q bring up the Rotate tool?

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Yes that has sorted it! Doh! Sorry - that was the first thing I should have tried.
Thank you for your time!


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