Locked Items Moving

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When moving a mixed selection of elements, some of which are locked (and I am assuming they are disregarded), if I move them a freehand distance but follow it up by typing in a precise distance, the locked items move along with the unlocked items. Has to be a bug! I’m using Pro 2017 for Mac.

I can’t duplicate that. Could you share a sample SKP file in which that happens?

I can duplicate it, so looks like a bug to me.

That’s odd. I can’t make it happen no matter what I do.

Are you using your mac? might be a windows thing.

I can replicate it too.
The locked container[s] [groups or component instances] stays where it is when a freehand pick is done in the Move.
Unlocked or loose geometry etc Move as expected.
But if you enter a typed value the locked container[s] jumps too !
It’s a definite bug.


I was doing it on my Windows machine.

And @dickeyride is on a Mac, so who knows what the common factor is. Tig is windows too I believe.

And you got this to happen on Windows?

Yep, I only use win.

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I have been using sketchup for 10 years, but this is my first time jumping on the forum, so I hate to say I don’t know how to upload a sample of the bug.

It might not be all that important now since Box and TIG can duplicate it. Strange that I can’t make it work incorrectly.

For future use, though, the Upload button is 7th from the left in the row of gray buttons above the window where you type you message text.

I can duplicate it too. Locking is ignored if you type a distance value after first clicking, or if you start moving, type a distance with Enter, and then retype a distance and press Enter.


Happens for me too - SU2017 Pro on Mac.

Same here, MacOS sierra SU2017 pro

Has anyone reported this obvious bug ?

I was able to reproduce this in-house, and will open an issue. Thanks for reporting this.

I seem to recall that this bug was mentioned before at SketchUcation last year about SU16. I would be surprised if that didn’t result in a bug report.

(also see:) Locked groups move? • sketchUcation • 1

I reproduced it in 2017, 2016, and 2015 (didn’t try anything older). A bug has been opened.

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Yes, it’s the official bug SU-36046 now.