Trouble drawing a rectangle

I have trouble drawing a rectangle: I am typing R click my cursor in place and then move it diagonally, then I type the dimensions on the bottom right box, for ex 2",4" and it work fine, but if I type 2",3 3/4’ it never gives me the 3 3/4", always something else. I don’t get it. please help.

Is the ’ a typo?

Sorry, yes it should be "

Just checked on my web version to make sure and yes it worked for me.

Just to confirm, what separator is showing when you drag out the rectangle. Regional setting can change this and I’m guessing from your name you may be using a European system where it uses ; in place of ,

Using a millimeter woodworking template in a European environment I get a rectangle that is 3,7 mm by 50,8 mm when I input the character string [ 2";3 3/4" ] in the rectangle dimension field. ( I assume the double quotes are ignored 50,8 mm is exactly 2 inches 3,7 is rounded from 3,75)

Square brackets can be used when defining an x, y, z coordinate as a location to move to. When typing in a length, or a width and length, you don’t use the brackets. They will either lead to an error message, or fail silently.

For the rounding issue, go into Model Info, Units, and increase the precision. Here is what I get with increased precision and using your values, but without the square brackets.

thank you all for your replies. My silly little mistake was that I typed 3-3/4" instead of 3 3/4". I am so used to AutoCAD. It works now. Merry Christmas

|'ve just posted on another thread that if you are using any metric units as your model units, then imperial/US customary units entered in the Measurements box can be misinterpreted. This has been only partially fixed in SU 2019 onwards.

See SU doesn't recognise fractional inches (e.g., 1/2") as an imperial measurement when units are mm

for an explanation of what happened in SU up to v2017, persisted in 2018, and was partially fixed in 2019.

Thank you!