Trouble downloading/Installing Smustard Extensions


I’ve been able to download and install extensions from the Extension Warehouse, but have had difficulty with extensions from Smustard. I get them to download, which results in a tab along the bottom of my computer (indicting the name of the extension and file type…rb, rbx, etc). When I click on it it asks me “How do I want to open this file” but I can’t find an app to open it so I can save it. I can’t figure out how to save it to my plugin folder. I contacted Smustard help over a week ago with no response. There are many extensions I’d like to download for file cleanup after importing a DXF file (Progress Bar, Close Opens, Delete Short Lines, Flatten, Make Faces, Move to Origin, and Stray Lines) and also the Parking, and DropGC extensions, but can’t upload any of them. Do I need to install the Smustard Toolbar? Although it won’t do me any good, I can’t get that one either. Thank you!

You don’t save it to your plugin folder! It is already saved to your download folder.
Just go to the extension manager in SketchUp, an click the red “install” button. Navigate to your download folder and select the extension.
Some extensions require you restart SketchUp before they work.


Thanks for your response. I’ve been trying this since you replied with no success on most of what I need to install. Seems to work for rbz files, but not rb or zip files. Extension manager doesn’t seem to recognize those two file types.

I’ve been trying to use the instructions on the Smustard site, but nothing seems to work. With the zip files I copied to my plugin folder, but the extension manager only recognizes rbz files.

.rbz are basically zipped .rb files.
So the installer uses the .rbz by unzipping it and putting the contents into the plugin folder for you.
You can do the same manually by dropping the .rb into the plugin folder, or zip the .rb and rename it to .rbz
And the same with the zipped files, just rename the extension from .zip to .rbz and the install extension button should find them.

Thanks Box…I tried copying the .rb file in the plugin folder, renamed .rbz and I get this

Also, with the zip file…I can’t save the zip file after the download. Doesn’t give me that option. So I have to show folder copy contents. With Smustard Park there are two rb files…which I copy into my plugin folder and rename from .rb to .rbz and it still fails everytime.

If I didn’t need these extensions so bad, I’d just ignore Smustard. While I and new to this and slow, I’ve had no trouble with the extension warehouse or Sketchucation. Really frustrated with this all.

Read Box’s post again very carefully. If you do it the way he explains it, it should work!
You have to use a zip-program to zip the .rb and after that rename it from .zip to .rbz before using the install button in extension manager. Or copy the .rb to the plugin folder and do nothing else to it.
For the .zip files you only have to go to the download folder and rename it to .rbz before using the install button in extension manager. You don’t have to save it because it is already saved in your download folder. Downloading = Saving…

tweenulzeven…Thanks for sticking with me on this…I’m sorry I am so slow to understand this. I reread Box’s reply and yours and still can’t get it to work.

To review what you said about the .zip file. I look in the download folder, how can I rename it to .rbz.? Do you mean open the zip and rename the two .rb folders in there? Otherwise I see no way to rename the zip.

Also, I have copied .rb files into the plugin folder with no changes and I don’t even see it with the Extension Manager…it only recognizes .rbz.

Your last tip on the zip files, while I know how to change the extension of a file, when in the Download folder I can’t figure how to change the zip file to .rbz. I can go into the zip and change the two .rb files to .rbz, but when I try to the Extension Manager it fails.

PS: I find it interesting that I can see all my downloads (.rb., .rbz., and zip) in my Download folder when I view them in Windows Explorer, however when I navigate to them in the Extension Manager I only see .rbz files. Others aren’t even visible.

You need to unzip the file. 7 Zip is a good utility for the task.

RLGL…I have unzipped it. It just unzips two .rb files which extension manager doesn’t recognize.

No, just rename the zipfile.

If you copied the .rb file in the plugin folder, you’re done. no need to install in extension manager anymore.

This is normal behavour, the extension manager can only install .rbz files. So there is no need to display other files.

Okay…making progress, and your patience paid off! I was able to install the 4 .rb files I couldn’t That before, That’s a tremendous help and thanks so much for your patience!

I’m still having trouble with the zip file. When I download the zip file it shows in my download folder. Must I extract it first and then rename it? I’ve tried several different ways, including just renaming the zip file but when I rename it it still doesn’t show up anywhere.

From the ppost by Box

Thanks RLGL…can I put them in a folder to keep the Plug-In folder organized or must I drop the two .rb files in? The plugin folder is starting to get crowded, some were neatly placed into folders, the ones I’m manually, not so much.

Drag and drop or copy and paste.

Thank you to all who patiently helped me with this! I successfully downloaded and installed all the extensions I needed.

My only concern is Plug In folder organization. Some were automatically placed in neatly in folders, but many are not. Not a big deal now when I only have six or seven extensions, but as I add 10, 20 to 30, will that come back to bite me? e.g. when I have to migrate them all to the next SU upgrade (2022).

Thanks again all!

What you see is normal.

Best practice is to do a fresh install of the plugins, this will ensure the latest versions are installed.

Thanks RLGL. I’ve heard that before. Must you repurchase the extensions that you buy? It appears Smustard lets you download, just curious about the others.

No, repurchasing is not necessary. Keep all the documentation of the purchase, usually there is a link to the download the product. I have all the info in a folder in a location that is backed up to another location that is not on my “C” drive and is removable to avoid data loss (stored away from the computer). I do not leave all this in the email app!

Thank you RLGL…good advice

Sorry to have to revisit this again, but while I have been able to use most of the Smustard .rb extensions I downloaded with all of your help, there are two that I still can’t access, “progress bar” and “makefaces”. What confuses me is that both appear in my extension manager (see image), however they don’t appear to be activated (see image of my tool bar). I noticed on some early tutorials that the “Install Extension” button is red, not blue like mine (SU2021).