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How do I install an rb extension? I am trying to install two extensions from the smustard site. It is not working. I tried zipping them and renaming them as rbz. It is not showing up as an rbz when trying to install them. I am using sketchup 2017.

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If you pack the RB file into a zip file and then rename it from .zip to .rbz, you should be able to use Install Extension to install it. Look in Window>Extension Manager for the Install Extension button.

Simply renaming it to RBZ doesn’t install it.


I was finally able to figure it out by compressing it with an empty folder then compressing it and renaming as an rbz. But now when I install it - it says error. Contact the developer. I am a little upset that it is not working. I have spent the money on two extensions as well as a couple hours trying to figure this out. I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem with the smustard extensions. I am trying to install extend closed lines and also delete shortlines. I have also tried contacting them and have not heard back.

I figured it out. You have to download the progress bar.rb and place it in your tool plugin folder. Then re-install the rbz and good to go. Thanks for the help guru dave.

You didn’t need to add an empty folder. You just needed to pack the rb file in a zip.

As for the plugins functionality, ExtendCloseLines requires Progressbar.rb. Did you install that, too?

You added a response while I was typing.

It’s good to read the page where you get the plugins. It indicates ProgressBar. rb is required.

You should have put Progressbar.rb in the user Plugins folder.

You can just place the .rb file in the plugin folder. .rb files is what makes up extensions normally and what an .rbz file typically contain.


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