Installing Rb files to 2016 and exporting scenes



I have sketchup pro 2016 and want to add the plugin from smustard scene exporter. its an rb file.
it shows up in my down load folder, but when i try to import it from system preferences/extentions/install extention, it wont install

ideas anyone?

i just upgraded and this was one of my most prized plugins for exporting scenes to jpegs


Use a zipping utility such as 7-zip to pack the RB file into a zip file. Rename the zip file changing its extension from .zip to .rbz. then you’ll be able to install it with Install Extension.

Please complete your profile with operating system, graphics card and SU version.


The fact that this plugin still distributes from smustard as a bare .rb file suggests that the author has not maintained it in a long time, as the .rbz format has been the approved way since I believe SU 8. That’s important because there have been significant changes to the Ruby engine and the SketchUp Ruby API since then. It is hit-or-miss whether the plugin will run correctly on SU 2016. Some are fine, and others crash or misbehave in peculiar ways. That’s a strong motivation to see whether you can find this or an equivalent plugin on either the Extension Warehouse or sketchUcation plugin store. If you find one, both of those sources allow you to install directly from their source without further ado.

The option DaveR suggests will avoid you needing to know the plugin installation folder on your OS, but won’t overcome the potential for an obsolete plugin.

The worst way is to simply copy the .rb into your plugins folder.


This is a good point. I was making no comment on whether or not the plugin in question will be functional in SU2016. It may not but there are a few plugins I’ve installed from Smustard using the method I described. They do work just fine. They may not get past the security check that will likely be required in the near future.


Thanks all for the advice, i will try the zip and see if it still functions

im running 2016 pro 32 bit (64 kept crashing) on windows 10

Intel® Core™ i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz

Video Card
NVIDIA GeForce 940M

Video Card #2
Intel® HD Graphics 5500

8.0 GB

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 (build 10586), 64-bit

anyone know of another plugin that exports scenes to jpegs?

It can be done manually by unticking the enable scene transitions box in animation (window/model info/ animation), then going file/export/animation/image set - its just nice to have it at the touch of a button.


Unfortunately, because of Google’s policies, the link between Google Maps , Streetview and SketchUp has been discontinued.
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